An offshore company may be of interest to many people, and it can be utilized for various actions.

RAK Offshore, possible activities

To create an offshore company, can start you to do a job without having to deal with the setup of a complex infrastructure.

An offshore company, can help you benefit from tax advantages and simplicity of administration.
Internet commerce (e-commerce)
Internet marketers can use an offshore company to maintain a domain name and manage websites.
An offshore company can be ideal for people whose occupation is on the Internet.
You can choose to include the headquarters of your company in an offshore jurisdiction to enjoy the various benefits offered by these courts.

Consultants / Advisors:
You can also extend your consultation or business advice through an offshore company.
You will find it easier to manage your business and have reduced or zero taxes, depending upon the jurisdiction in question.

International Business:
It will handle the purchases and sales operations, taking advantage of the fact that its earnings will not be taxable, or only at a low level, depending upon the jurisdiction.
This type of use is particularly interesting when the goods are sold from one country to another country while you are based in a third country.

Holding intellectual property rights:
Any kind of intellectual property rights (patent or trademark) can be recorded to an offshore company.
The caller may also purchase or sell such rights.
It may also grant rights uses to third parties against which payments are considered income and therefore, benefit from low or zero taxation in the jurisdiction in which it is filed.

Care of movable and immovable property:
Offshore companies are used to take both personal property (such as yachts) and properties (houses and buildings, for example)
In addition to confidentiality, benefits and advantages, they offer including the exemption of certain types of taxes (inheritance tax, for example).
It should be noted, however, that some countries do not permit the acquisition / movable property estate through offshore structures and so those who wish to make an offshore structure are advised to check with a competent authority before.

For legacy reasons:
An offshore company is still afloat (provided that all costs associated in the operation that are paid) may, in some countries, be used as a way to avoid the laws of inheritance.
In order to optimize the inheritance tax liability, offshore structure can also be combined with a trust or foundation.

Stockbroker / forex:
Offshore companies are frequently used to share or exchange transactions.
The main reasons being the anonymous nature of the transaction (the account can be opened with the name to a company) and the conditions of attractive offshore tax regulations (little or no taxes on profits).